Coconelle Silk Fabrics Used

Silk satin
Satin has a glossy surface and a dull back. The glossy effect is realized with a special weaving technique, weaving the yarns very close to each other and giving the fabric its suppleness. Satins are made of different fibers such as cotton (sateen), nylon or polyester. But the word satin originated in the Italian word for silk: seta. For Coconelle products a thick and firm quality of satin silk is used.

Silk jacquard
Jacquard is a special weaving technique, named after its inventor Mr. Jacquard, who invented the jacquard loom in the late 18th century. With this technique different patterns are woven into the fabric. The stripe jacquard has broad stripes of 3cm, woven in the fabric by alternating dull and glossy.

Silk jersey
Jersey is a knitted fabric characterized by its stretch. Coconelle uses a heavy weight quality interlock jersey for its collections.

Silk rib-jersey
Knitted silk with an alternating up and down effect, giving the ribs. The ribs are about half a centimeter in width. Cheap replica bags...

Silk piqué jersey
Knitted silk with a regular relief, often used for polo shirts. The inside is smooth and soft.

Silk pongé
Coconelle uses a thick silk pongé, also called habotai. The silk is woven into a smooth fabric with a dull surface. Coconelle uses silk pongé for the shells and wrapping bags of pillows and duvets. Our store Wholesale best replica designer handbags.

Silk yarns
The yarns are made of 100% silk threads, and are therefore most suited for the sewing of silk fabrics.